London, United Kingdom

OBJKTS Jewelry is a London-based online Jewellery brand, delivering quality and trending jewellery all around the globe.

Experiencing rapid growth in this sector over the last few years, we’re opening our (virtual) doors to talented and driven individuals looking to be a part of the journey!

Job Description:

We're excited to introduce a unique opportunity that puts your creative talents front and centre! At Objkts Jewellery, we're on the lookout for passionate individuals like you to create amazing UGC content. An ability to inspire and captivate our aesthetic is exactly what we're seeking to infuse into every piece of content we create, ensuring a mesmerising and unforgettable experience for our audience.

Your Role: 

Researching, scriptwriting, shooting and editing UGC content for TikTok and Instagram.

This is a camera-facing role so you must be comfortable on camera.


  • Basic hand modelling skills
  • Basic photography or videography skills
  • Basic photo and video / reels editing skills
  • Confident with basic light setup
  • Experience in creating Reels (Instagram, Tiktok)
  • Basic jewellery styling skills
  • Social media content creation skills

Type: Contract

To apply, please send your UGC portfolio (if relevant) to 

Please include your Instagram / Tiktok handle if your socials contain relevant work. 

If you do not have a portfolio, please create an edited UGC video with any available jewellery (keep the video under 30 seconds) and attach it to your application.

If your portfolio and relevant examples are not included then your application will not be considered.


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Thank you. Your application has been received successfully.