Necklace size chart and length guide

See our helpful guide on how the various necklace lengths will sit on your body.

30cm / 12" - Collar. This will sit tightly around your neck for most.

35cm / 14" - Choker. A slightly more relaxed fit which will sit like a choker. For a petite person, it will sit on your collarbone.

40cm / 16" - Choker / Princess. For most people, this will sit below your throat near the base of your neck. For a petite person, it will hang like a princess necklace. For a plus size person, it may feel more like a choker.

45cm / 18" - Princess. This length will fall on the collar bones just below the throat. As one of the most popular lengths it is great for pendant pieces.

50cm / 20" - Martinee. This will sit below the collar bone. Styles well with low neckline tops

Necklace Size Chart

*For illustrative purposes only. Actual fit will depend on size, height of the person as well as the width of the necklace itself. The necklace on the petite person will hang lower than a really tall person. A really wide and thick necklace will sit differently to a really thin necklace. For example, our Curb Chain T Bar Choker Necklace in 35cm length will sit like 30cm (as per the product description).

We suggest you use a measuring tape and measure out the length of the necklace you want to see how it fits on your body by wrapping the tape around your neck.