1-Year Warranty Policy Terms & Condition

(Effective from December 1st, 2022.)

Our warranty is applicable for all OBJKTS JEWELRY items, including genuine pearl collection and the following material including 925 Sterling Silver and brass based collection. According to the warranty, OBJKTS JEWELRY will repair or replace manufacturing faults within a 1-year period of receiving the goods. We also cover accidental damages up to 60-days within receiving your item.

Our warranty is valid against any defects in our materials and/or workmanship.

Defects caused by misuse carried on by the customer, physical or accidental wear and/or damage are not covered within the warranty framework and therefore does not include insurance against accidental damage after 60 days.

Manufacturing defects refer to the structure of the jewelry item. Some examples of manufacturing defect or damage caused during mishandling/transit which are covered under this warranty include:

- A defected design where a product recall or re-design is required (where more than 6% of customers notifies OBJKTS about a defected design in a 3-month period, we consider this a defected design and we will refund the product with no questions asked)

- Uneven settings or prongs at the time of pick-up

- Chips or scratches in stones given at time of pick-up

- Lost stone or loose stone at time of pick-up

- Misshapen ring due to mishandling during transit at time of pick-up

- Band separating from the ring head at the time of pick up

- Broken earring posts, broken chain, bracelet links or clasps due to mishandling during transit at the time of pick-up

Accidental damages that are deemed acceptable:

- We allow accidental damage causing discoloration and fading within a grace period of 60-days of receiving goods.

- Accidental damage causing stone drop or broken clasp within a grace period of 60-days of receiving goods

*where accidental damage refers to sudden or accidental one-off damage caused by the consumer due to negligence (such as dropping or stepping on your jewelry or using hand cream and chemicals)


Some examples of common jewelry wear and tear that are not covered by our 1-year warranty:

  • Accidental damage caused after 60-days of receiving goods
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Lost items after you have signed and received your order
  • Dents, nicks and scratches that come with normal wear and tear (eg. Bent ring or broken chain) are inevitable and are not considered a defect.
  • Discoloration or tarnish due to exposure to water, chemicals, sweating, make-up, cooking, swimming pools, hot tubs, bathing, hand creams, hand sanitisers or perfumes.
  • Oxidisation of the product due to improper use or storage of your jewelry
  • Damage of the product due to improper care of your jewelry including contact with household chemicals, hygiene products like make-up or perfumes
  • Pearl collection is made from Genuine freshwater pearls. Natural dents and irregularities are expected due to their natural origin and cannot be considered as defects. 
  • Rings that have been damaged or misshapen as a result of “hands-on” activities. This also includes cases where damage results in loss of stones.
  •  Bent, caught or worn out prongs allowing a stone to fall out or be lost due to normal wear or other damage.
  • Lost stone or a stone has fallen out or prongs wearing out due to chipping or breaking, broken earring posts, broken chain, bracelet links or clasps caused by normal everyday wear or other damage.
  • Lost stones or weakened prongs due to dropping your jewelry on the floor or hard surfaces
  • Any modification to your jewelry done by a third party outside of OBJKTS Jewelry

Follow our in-depth care guide to keep your jewelry shining.

The warranty allows for 1 free replacement per order. The 1 year-warranty is not applicable on free items or free replacements.

If your claim falls outside the 1-year warranty period, you can purchase a replacement for a small fee of £8.50.


Accidental Damage VS Normal Wear and Tear 'Fair Usage'

Before 60 days of receiving the item, sudden damages from accidents are classed as a manufacturing defect and we offer a free replacement within 60 days of receiving your order if your item is damaged. Here is the good news - we have a no questions asked policy that lasts 60 days meaning you can get a replacement within 60 days even if you mishandled the item by dropping the rings or doing some extreme sports which we really don’t advise but we understand that accidents happen).

Why are we being so leniant within the 60 day period? Because we know accidents happen and we want to give everybody second chances. Not everybody reads the jewelry care or follow instructions like we want them to and we get that!

After 60 days, loss of missing stones and broken jewellery are classed as fair wear and tear and accidental damage respectively and we are unable to offer a free replacement as they could have been caused by factors beyond our control (e.g. dropping your rings). You will have to pay the £8.50 replacement fee.

Please note that jewellery is delicate in nature (especially pave and prong settings as they are set by hand without glue to create this intricate and exquisite style, similar to how fine jewelry is produced). If items are dropped, these items will likely damage due to their fine construction (this is true for fashion and fine jewellery as well). Any accidental damage will not be covered and customers will have to pay the Repairs & Replacement fee after the timeframe.


Extended 'fair-usage' wear and tear policy timeframe on 925 Sterling Silver items

Discoloration on plating on 925 Sterling Silver items

Different base material and price points mean the plating differs from product to product. Fair wear and tear usage for plating discoloration is extended due to the difference in plating process and durability. Therefore, if any discoloration or fading occurs in our 925 Sterling Silver products, it is replaceable within 6 months of receiving your order within fair wear and tear.

*Please note that if your 14K Gold or Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver jewelry tarnishes slightly (i.e. some black or dark marks), it is caused by oxidisation and it is perfectly normal and it can be easily removed with a Sterling Silver Polish Cloth and does not count as a defect. Tarnishing won't happen if you store your jewelry properly in a bag, but in the event that it does occur, it can be removed easily.