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Holiday Must Packs

Whether you dress up for the airport or lounge around in your comfies, make sure you save some space in that case for your jewelry essentials. We’ve got you covered with all your accessory needs!

I woke up like this

If you want to flaunt that “I woke up like this” vibe, effortless and cool, then stack yourself with our Curb Chain collection. You can wear these day & night to spice up those bikini pics or instantly style your evening look! Half pave or full, just choose your level of bling and let the chains do the rest.

Rise & shine

If jumping into pools isn't your thing then choose to laze around in our beautiful Estrella Necklace! It’s unique shape will have you catching eyes under those bright blue skies! (The sun gives you maximum sparkle, duh!)


Just relax

There's no need to over complicate things. Holidays are for relaxing! Put your inner stylist away and simply wear your Initial Pendant Necklace. So easy and effective, you’ll actually be coming home feeling refreshed!

Initial Necklace | Gold

925 Sterling Silver

On sale

Initial Necklace | Platinum

925 Sterling Silver

£50 £60

Beach Babes

It seems like an obvious suggestion that the best time to parade your pearls is on a gorgeous sandy beach. With our amazing range of Pearly Pieces you can take your pick or layer them up then relax on the sand with your favourite cocktail!

Sold Out

Dreamy Evenings

We all love that moment after a day by the pool, a little siesta, then it's time to get ready. Each night is the perfect excuse to glam up, wear those fearless outfits and accessorise to the max. Add a little luxe to your evening by looking and feeling expensive in our dynamic Doux Ring!


Doux Ring

Crushed Ice, 925 Sterling Silver


Doux Ring - Colors

Crushed Ice, 925 Sterling Silver


Need a holder to pack this all in? Checkout our range of Travel cases!