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Faultless Fall Jewellery Trends

At the turn of the season, there comes that inevitable time when you do a mental inventory of your wardrobe, making sure you have enough warm clothes and autumnal accessories to take you through the fall and winter. More often than not, you’ll find your style has gone through some changes in the last year, and it’s time for a little seasonal shopping to revamp your closet for the colder months! For bold, on-trend outfits this year, stand-out accessories are a must. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular fall jewellery trends to look out for in 2021 to create double-take looks this season, so scroll through and see what best suits your personal style!



To vamp up for an edgier look this autumn, it’s all about chains. Go dainty with our Chain Link Rings or our Chain Link Bracelet. For a bolder look, layer up on chunky bracelets. Make a statement with our Ora Curb Chain Choker or mix and match silver and gold tones with our Pave Chain Link Bracelets or Cuban Chain Link Bracelet! Want to take your look just that step further? Co-ordinate your bracelets with our Pave Chain Link Choker! Here’s a quick and simple tip: If you want to see an overview of how our chain jewellery styles look together, scroll through our dedicated chains collection. You’ll see all the different kinds of chains we have, and it will help you envision what you would like to mix and match!

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Chain Link Ring

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Ora Curb Chain Necklace (18 inch)

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It’s no secret that we love large stone rings here at OBJKTS Jewelry. Our best-selling Aura ring is a go-to this fall, as the light refractions on the hand-cut stone and half-pavé band dazzle even in the faintest of autumn light. Even better? She’s stackable! Pair the Aura ring with our Petite Round band, dainty Ignis ring or another best-seller: the Adaya stacking rings. If you want to opt for one, stand-out big stone style, our Pera or Magnum ring will steal the show. If big stones aren’t your style, our band rings will be your closest companion in any season. The Halo ring or our best-selling Lumen ring are consistent go-to styles that you can pair with any outfit. You can even think out of the box with some of our more unusual stone shapes, such as our Pear Eternity Band or our Oval Cut Band!

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Aura Ring

Crushed Ice, Stackable, 925 Sterling Silver

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Pera Ring

925 Sterling Silver

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Halo Ring

925 Sterling Silver


Lumen Ring - Sterling Silver

925 Sterling Silver



Minimal jewellery is a timeless style that been popular for years, and for good reason! It pairs perfectly with any kind of outfit, whether casual, elegant, or professional, and can be worn all year round. If you’re looking for minimal, but eye-catching looks this autumn, we recommend layering dainty chains. Our chain link choker, Vaso choker and Opes Choker are perfect affordable staple accessories to keep in your wardrobe. Layer with other necklaces you have in your wardrobe and have fun with mixing and matching! For bracelets, you can’t go wrong with our Mage bracelet with its unique half-diamante detail, our Gaia bracelet for extra sparkle, or any chain bracelet to layer up.


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Gaia Bracelet

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Mage Bracelet

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Sphera Bracelet (5mm)

Stainless Steel

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Infinitum Hoop Earrings XL

Stainless Steel

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The Pearl Trend Lives On

The pearl trend isn’t going away any time soon, but if you’re sick of seeing the same pearl earring styles on your Instagram feed, we recommend going for something like our Velum pearl hoop earrings! For a timeless, classic pearl look that you can wear for years to come, the Gradiente pearl choker necklace and Nacre pearl choker will be there for you for those Coco Chanel vibes.

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Mix & Match Charms

The newest trend to keep your eye on this fall is how to personalise your jewellery. Mixing and matching charms, the backs of earrings, and pendants are a great way to create a completely unique piece of jewellery that you can switch up according to your mood! You can switch the pendants on our huggies hoop earrings with pearls, pear-cut or cushion-cut stones, easily creating a whole new pair of earrings each time you swap them. Alternatively, you can use any of our earring backs and pair them with your favourite studs to elevate or change up any pairs of earrings you may have at home—OBJKTS Jewelry or otherwise!


There’s no limit to the jewellery trends you can partake in this fall. The main theme, however, is to get creative and have fun with the pieces you buy! Layer, stack, or customise with chains, pearls or dainty pieces—the choice is yours!

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